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Over time, the combined effects of weather, salt, gasoline and oil will damage asphalt, leading to cracks that allow water into the asphalt base and cause eventual pavement breakup. Completely resurfacing a parking lot can be an expensive proposition. Let us show you how, over a 15-year period, the regular sealcoating of blacktop can extend your asphalt life and produce a savings of more than 300% in maintenance costs. We also can restripe your parking lot, giving those old lines, markings and directional arrows a fresh, new look.

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Asphalt Sealing

  • Our typical mixure of asphalt sealer is Coal Tar based mixed with 3 lbs of silica sand and 2% additives. All mixtures can be adjusted for specific customer needs
  • Mixture will be continuously agitated to maintain homogeneous consistency of pavement sealer throughout the application process
  • Prior to application entire asphalt surface will be cleared of debris then oil spot primer will be applied on grease and oil spots

Line Painting

  • Complete parking lot layout and repainting services.
  • Parking lines are painted with an airless spray machine using latex based paint
  • All handicapped signs, arrows, and numbers/letters will be formed using a stencil to maintain uniformity
  • Offering high performance Thermoplastic Pavement Markings

Crack Filling

  • Cracks are cleaned out with a wire wheel and heated high pressure air to remove moisture and debris
  • Cracks are then filled with either a hot or cold pour material


  • Minor damaged areas of asphalt will be removed and replaced with a quick setting asphalt patch

Snow Removal

  • We provide 24/7 snow control during storms
  • Snow is removed from drive aisle, parking spaces, and sidewalks
  • De-Icing chemicals are applied to maintain a safe environment
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